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I believe that a little bit of heaven can be created at any address! From a cottage style landscape, to a low water landscape (and everything in between), Let me help you create your very own piece of heaven!

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Desert Willow Landscape Design


Design Packages

I focus on three basic design packages. A Consultation, 2D package and a 3D package. Each package has an option for a plant care guide that details how to best care for each plant in the design.

Each design package comes with two revisions, a PDF of the design, and a dimension plan. The 3D design will also have a 3D video rendering. 



$250 Per Hour

An hour consultation used to advise homeowner, make recommendations and answer questions. This package is for the client who wants to do everything themselves, but just needs a little nudge in the right direction. It can also be used to visit a plant nursery to help pick out plants or used to have me place the plants around the homeowners yard.  Ask me about any other small projects you have! 


2D Design

Up to 1/2 Acre- $600

1/2 Acre to 1 Acre- $800

The 2D design is great for those who have a good idea what they want in their yard, but need help to get everything placed in just the right spot. Since it comes with a dimension plan, all you have to do is hand the finished plan to your contractor and let them handle the rest. It is also a great option for those who love to do it themselves. 


3D Design

Up to 1/2 Acre- $900

1/2 Acre to 1 Acre- $1200

The 3D design is great for those that need help to visualize the finalized landscape. If you know what you want, but are nervous to start because you don't know what it will look like, then this package is for you! You will still receive a 2D plan and all that goes with it, but you will also receive a 3D video at every stage throughout the design process. You will love the final outcome!


Plant Care Guide


The plant care guide is an addition service that you can add to either design package. It is ideal for the homeowner who is planning on caring for the plants in their yard themselves. Each plant care guide is made special from the design for the property. It will have a picture of each plant and will specify how to best care for all of the plants in the design. 


Utah Localscapes Parnership

With Utah's limited water supply becoming a larger concern each year, I am happy to say that I have an official partnership with Utah Localscapes! This means that by installing an approved Localscapes design, you will get a cash rebate that will most likely pay for the whole design fee plus some! The best part is that this doesn't mean you have to go straight rock and ugly plants, it just means that we will utilize the water in the most efficient way possible while maintaining a beautiful yard! Learn more about this rebate by reaching out to me, or visiting or

My Process

I have two processes to chose from: Virtual or In Person

Virtual:  I will send you a form to fill out. This will include pictures of the outside of your house and yard, select measurements of your property, and a few questions about design and plant preference.  From there I will work on your design and will share the initial design with you as soon as it is done. Each design package comes with two revisions. Generally the biggest edit will be after the initial design. After I make your edits, there will usually be a smaller touch up revision. Once those edits are done, I will send all of the finalized files to you. This includes the design, the 3D video (if you chose that plan), and a dimension plan. 

In Person: The Process is much the same as the virtual, only that instead of sending you a form to fill out, we meet at your property and go over the design elements and questions there. Once we finish talking, I will then take the pictures and measurements I need. After the consultation, the rest of the design process is the same as the virtual process. 

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