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Desert Willow Landscape Design

I believe that a little bit of heaven can be created at any address! Whether it's a cozy cottage-style landscape or a low-water oasis, I'm here to help you craft your very own slice of paradise!


Design Packages

I focus on three basic design packages. A Consultation, 2D package and a 3D package. Additionally, each package offers the option to include a plant care guide, providing detailed instructions for the care of each plant in the design..

Each design package comes with two revisions, a PDF of the design, and a dimension plan. The 3D design will also have a 3D video rendering. 



$250 Per Hour

  • One-hour personalized consultation

  • Advice, recommendations, and answers to homeowner questions

  • Ideal for clients who prefer independent project management

  • Option to visit a plant nursery together for plant selection guidance

  • Assistance available for placing plants in the homeowner's yard

  • Inquire about additional small project assistance


2D Design

Up to 0.49 Acres- $600

0.5 Acres to 1 Acre- $800

  • Ideal for those with a clear vision for their yard

  • Provides assistance in optimal placement of elements

  • Includes a detailed dimension plan for easy handoff to contractors

  • Perfect for DIY enthusiasts wanting to take on the project themselves


3D Design

Up to 0.49 Acre- $900

0.5 Acres to 1 Acre- $1200

  • Ideal for those seeking visual clarity for their envisioned landscape

  • Provides 3D visualization to help overcome uncertainty about the final look

  • Includes a comprehensive 2D plan alongside dynamic 3D videos at every stage of the design process

  • -Experience the excitement of seeing your dream landscape come to life before your eyes


Plant Care Guide


  • Optional Plant Care Guide complements either design package

  • Custom-crafted to match the property's unique design

  • Features detailed images and specific care instructions for every plant included

  • Ideal for homeowners planning to maintain their yard's greenery themselves


Utah Water Conservation

With Utah's limited water supply becoming a larger concern each year, I am happy to say that I have a lot of experience designing low water landscapes. You can also use the design to get approved by Localscapes. By doing so, you can get a cash rebate that will most likely pay for the whole design fee plus some! The best part is that this doesn't mean you have to go straight rock and ugly plants, it just means that we will utilize the water in the most efficient way possible while maintaining a beautiful yard! Learn more about this rebate by reaching out to me, or visiting or

My Process

I have two processes to chose from: Virtual or In Person

Virtual:  I will send you a form to fill out. This will include pictures of the outside of your house and yard, select measurements of your property, and a few questions about design and plant preference.  From there I will work on your design and will share the initial design with you as soon as it is done. Each design package comes with two revisions. Generally the biggest edit will be after the initial design. After I make your edits, there will usually be a smaller touch up revision. Once those edits are done, I will send all of the finalized files to you. This includes the design, the 3D video (if you chose that plan), and a dimension plan. 

In Person: The Process is much the same as the virtual, only that instead of sending you a form to fill out, we meet at your property and go over the design elements and questions there. Once we finish talking, I will then take the pictures and measurements I need. After the consultation, the rest of the design process is the same as the virtual process. 

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